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PNR Status of Your Train Ticket: What does It Say?

PNR Status of Your Train Ticket

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PNR Status of Your Train Ticket: What does It Say?

Train ticket comes with a PNR (Passenger Name Record) number, a unique 10 digit number. All reserved tickets have a PNR number, whether you purchase it online or at the railway station ticket counter. When a bulk booking is requested, a single PNR number can be supplied to a maximum of 6 passengers.

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PNR Status and Its Importance

Regarding railway travel, 10 Digit PNR Status are vital concepts to know, and comprehending both is the key to a successful ride. PNR is the Passenger Name Record, a unique 10-digit code that refers to the passenger's information and itinerary held in the CRS (Central Reservation System) of the Indian Railways' centralized database. It is just a trip record for a passenger or a group of passengers registered under a common PNR that you and the railways can trace.

Before boarding the train, make sure to check the status of your PNR. It is used to acquire the train description, date, point of boarding, and destination and get information about the present state of the reservation. The PNR number is printed on the ticket and can be used to obtain precise information about the train's progress, ticket confirmation, departure and arrival times, and other details. The following are the details associated with a PNR number:

  • Ticket information includes train name, category, quota, boarding location, and journey date.
  • Passenger information, such as name, age, and gender.
  • Payment information, including payment method, ticket price, and transaction id.

The CRS creates the PNR after receiving all necessary information concerning the journey, such as the passenger's identity, seat type, class of travel, gender, age, and other relevant information. After a PNR number has been generated, you may use it to look up everything from the progress of your reservations to information about the train.

As it is well known, the tourism industry is reliant on PNR and its significance because it contains information about passengers travelling to a given destination by rail or flight. You may use the 10 Digit PNR Status checking number to check the PNR of your Railway ticket to see if it's on schedule. When you look up your PNR status live, you'll get information about your train's arrival and departure schedules. You can track the progress of your railway ticket in real-time on any online PNR Status checking app by entering the PNR number or booking reference number generated at the time of booking.

Validity of PNR number

Train reservations begin three months in advance, and the PNR number is generated every time you order a ticket between now and the departure date. Regardless of the number of passengers booked or the ticket confirmation, the PNR's validity stays the same. For example, the railroads will keep the PNR number for a single person or a group of persons - up to six passengers per PNR - until the train departs or is cancelled. In any inquiries, the railways preserve the PNR in their digital archive for six months following the voyage. The same PNRs can be utilized again after 9 months.

What is the composition of PNR?

The PRS (Passenger Reservation System) is shown by the first three digits of the PNR, which denotes the railway zone or source station where the number was generated. The first number represents the zone, while the second and third represent the PRS centres. The last seven numbers are chosen randomly to keep the PNR code unique.

How to Track the Status of Your PNR Online?

You can check your train IRCTC PNR status online to get detailed travel information such as availability of seats, station code, train timetable, train fare, and train name and number. Every PNR number is assigned at the time of reservation and is unique. If you purchase your ticket at a railway ticket counter, then you can find the PNR 10 digit number on the top left corner of the ticket. If you're on the waitlist, you must check your IRCTC PNR status live at frequent intervals because confirmed tickets are rejected and cancelled instantaneously, thus making understanding your current ticket status even more important.

You can check the status of your IRCTC ticket in real-time using the RailMitra app by entering your PNR number in the space given, then clicking 'check status' to get the results right away. Not only that, but you may also check the PNR live on any RailMItra website to get real-time updates on train status.


How to check the status of your ticket's PNR by SMS?

The most convenient way to discover your train IRCTC PNR status is via SMS, not requiring internet access. To check the status of your train PNR, text PNR followed by your 10-digit PNR number to 139 or 5676747.

This will let you know if your seat has been confirmed, and you may then board the train.

Where can you find the PNR number?

The IRCTC PNR number can be seen in the upper left corner of your ticket. Look at the top part of the page for the PNR, which will be printed in a cell if you have an e-ticket. You will receive the PNR number through an email if you purchase your rail tickets online.

How do I check my PNR over the phone?

Dial 139, the Indian railway's inquiry system's phone number, and select your favourite language from the three options supplied. For your inquiry, follow the IVR instructions. When you press 1 for PNR enquiry, you'll be asked to provide your 10-digit PNR number. Aside from this, you can also check the train's arrival or departure time and inquire about fares.


As you see, the 10 digit PNR number is very important for the train journey. So you need to keep track of your ticket status using the PNR number. So download the RailMitra PNR enquiry app and get the status in just a few taps on your mobile.

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